Sample the delights of Malaysian cuisine at our Wellington restaurant

Thanks to Malaysia's diverse ethnic cultures and traditions, the Malay kitchen presents a very rich and complex melange of flavours. There is no better way to sample the delights of Malaysian cuisine than by enjoying a banquet at Istana Malaysia! Established in Wellington since 1994, we have become known as a destination for discerning diners to enjoy a unique and authentic culinary experience.
Please take a look through our banquet options and entrée menu on this page, then call us to book a table!


1. Roti Canai with Curry $10.00
Choice of Dhal, Lamb or Chicken Curry
2. Gado Gado $12.00
Mixed steamed vegetables with tofu and peanut sauce
3. Vegetable Dhal Curry $12.00
Seasonal vegetables cooked in a thick yellow lentil curry
4. Vegetable Korma $12.00
Seasonal vegetables cooked in almond & cashew nut paste with a coconut and yoghurt based curry sauce
5. Honey Butter Chicken $12.50
Tender pieces of chicken cooked in butter, honey, tomato, almond, and cashew paste and spices
6. Chicken Curry $12.50
Boneless tender pieces of chicken and potato cooked in a traditional Malaysian-style curry.
7. Lamb Curry $13.50
Boneless pieces of lamb and potato cooked in a rich curry sauce
8. Lamb Korma $13.50
Boneless pieces of lamb cooked to perfection in rich coconut cream and yoghurt, with almond and cashew paste
9. Egg & Onion Roti with Curry $12.50
Eggs and chopped onions stuffed in roti bread served with a choice of lamb, chicken or dhal curry
10. Stir Fried Beef with Vegetable $12.50
Cooked in oyster sauce and five spice
11. Stir Fried Spicy Calamari with vegetables $13.50  
Creamy coconut sour calamari cooked with vegetables in lemongrass sauce
12. Nasi Lemak $12.50
Served with beef rendang, egg, shrimp sambal and condiments
13. Curry Laksa $12.50
Hawkers noodle soup prepared in a rich coconut curry with tofu, fish ball and chicken
14. Mee Goreng $12.50
Mamak style wok fried egg noodles in two types of soya sauce with a choice of chicken or seafood
15. Nasi Goreng $12.50
A staple rice dish cooked with a choice of chicken or seafood with fried egg on top
16. Char Kwaytieaw $12.50
Thick rice noodles cooked with shrimps or chicken with oyster and soya sauce.
17. Beef Rendang $13.50
A superlative recipe exclusively created for Istana Malaysia patrons of Malaysia’s favourite dish. Tender beef marinated in root herbs and spices with a coconut base
18. Fish curry $14.50
Masala marinated fish with fresh herbs and set in a rich curry gravy
19. Chicken Sambal $13.50
Boneless chicken pieces cooked in a thick gravy with onion, chilli paste, ginger, garlic, lemongrass, and fresh coriander

(All curries served with rice, salad and poppadum)


Garlic Roti (Istana’s own) $3.50
Roti Chanai $3.00
Steamed Rice $2.00
Coconut Rice $2.50
Peanut Sauce $3.00
Yoghurt Salad $4.50
Mixed Bowl of Salad $4.50
Acar (mixed pickled vegetables) $4.50
Mango Chutney $2.80
Mango or Lime Pickle $2.80
Pappadom $1.00
Call our restaurant in Wellington to book your table on 04 801 7989.
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