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Enjoy an exotic Malaysian dinner at our Wellington restaurant

Traditional Malay food boasts a symphony of flavours and textures to please even the most discerning food lover. If you fancy the idea of enjoying an exotic and authentic Malaysian dinner tonight, call Istana Malaysia to book your table. Based in Wellington, our restaurant has been serving up the very best Malaysian cuisine to locals and visitors alike since 1994. 

Every meal at Istana Malaysia is cooked freshly to order by highly experienced and renowned Malay chef Danny Rajen. All of our spices are imported direct from Malaysia and can be adjusted to your liking. You'll find that the friendly atmosphere of our restaurant makes it the perfect spot for any occasion, from a business lunch to a family birthday dinner. Please contact our friendly staff to make a reservation.


1. Satay 
Half a Dozen Satay Beef or Chicken or Mixed Tender slices of meat marinated in a traditional way, served with peanut sauce and condiments. $12.90
2. Rojak 
Combination of fried tofu, potato, vegetable fritters, fish-balls, spring roll, boiled egg and cucumber served with peanut and sweet chilli sauce. $12.90
3. Masala Chicken Salad 
Pan-fried masala spiced chicken fillets served on a seasonal salad with pappadoms and mango dressing. $11.50
4. Vege Samosa 
Eight pieces of vegetable filled triangle pockets served with home made mint yoghurt sauce. $7.50 
5. Vege Pakoras 
Deepfried chickpea and masala coated seasonal vegetables accompanied with
Istana Malaysia’s own mint yogurt and chilli sauce. $8.50
6. Soto Ayam Soup 
Pieces of chicken and vegetable in a clear soup specially prepared with a touch of coriander and spices. $8.50
7. Mamak Lamb Soup 
Pieces of lamb and potato cooked in a blend of spices in a coriander based soup. $8.50
8. Garlic Prawns 
Five tiger prawns sautéed with garlic and oyster sauce, and served with salad. $19.90
9. Prawn Twister
Four pieces of peeled prawn with fresh herbs in a crispy pastry served with sweet chilli sauce. $13.90


Garlic Roti $3.50
Roti Chanai $3.00
Steamed rice $2.20
Coconut rice $2.50
Peanut Sauce $3.00
Yoghurt Salad (or Raita) $4.90
Mixed Salad Bowl $5.90
Acar (mixed pickled vegetables) $5.90
Mango Chutney $2.80
Tomato Chutney $2.80
Mango or Lime Pickle $3.80
Pappadom $1.50


Please be advised that all main dishes are served alone, so you may wish to order rice and roti bread.
10. Chicken Curry
Boneless tender pieces of chicken and potato cooked in a traditional Malaysian style curry. $18.90
11. Chicken Sambal
Boneless chicken pieces cooked in a thick gravy with onion, chilli paste, ginger,garlic, lemon grass and fresh coriander. $18.90
12. Chicken Korma 
Chicken Korma Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in an almond and cashew nut paste with coconut and yogurt based curry sauce. $18.90
13. Chicken Murtabak 
Chicken Murtabak Expertly flicked and delicately made dough filled with chicken, potato and egg, served with curry and pickled onion. $18.90
14. Honey Butter 
Tender pieces of chicken cooked in butter, honey, tomato and spices with an almond and cashew nut paste. $18.90
15. Chicken Varuval 
Tender pieces of chicken, potato and capsicum, cooked with a touch of ginger,garlic and ground mix spices, with a splash of coconut cream and fresh coriander. $19.90

16.Beef Rendang $17.90
A superlative recipe exclusively created for Istana Malaysia patrons of Malaysia’s 
famous dish. Tender beef marinated in root herbs and spices with a coconut base. $18.90
17.Stir-fried Beef and Mushroom (In Five Spice Sauce) 
Stir-fried Beef and Mushroom (In Five Spice Sauce) Stir-fried lean beef with mushroom and a touch of ginger, garlic, oyster sauce and soy sauce. $18.90
18.Chinese Black Pepper Steak 
Stir-fried slice beef steak in black pepper and oyster sauce with onion and capsicum.  $19.90

19. Lamb Curry
Boneless pieces of lamb and potato cooked in a rich curry sauce.  $18.90
20. Lamb Korma 
Boneless pieces of lamb cooked in an almond and cashew nut paste with coconut and yoghurt based curry sauce. $18.90
21. Lamb Dhallcha 
Boneless tender pieces of lamb, potato, carrots and peas, cooked in a thick dhall curry. $18.90
22. Lamb Murtabak 
Expertly flicked and delicately made dough filled with lamb, potato and egg, served with curry and pickled onion. $18.90
23. Lamb Varuval 
Tender pieces of lamb, potato, onion and capsicum cooked with a touch of ginger,
and ground mix spices with a splash of coconut cream and fresh coriander. $19.90

24. Dhall Curry $16.90
Seasonal vegetables cooked in a thick lentil curry
25. Navaratna Kurma (Mixed Vegetables) $16.90
Seasonal vegetables cooked in almond and cashew nut paste with coconut and yoghurt based curry sauce
26. Potato and Green Peas Curry $15.90
Potato and peas cooked in a thick tomato based coconut curry
27. Stir-fried Seasonal Vegetables with Tofu $16.90
Stir-fried vegetables with bean curd in oyster and soy sauce
28. Mixed Vegetable Curry $16.90
Vegetables cooked in a rich curry sauce

29. Fish Curry 
Marinated masala fish with fresh herbs and served on a rich gravy.$21.90
30. Fish Sambal 
Masala grilled fish in thick onion, chilli and tomato sambal sauce with fresh coriander. $21.90
31. Squid Sambal 
Stir-fried squid pieces with tomato, onion and chilli in a thick sambal sauce with fresh coriander. $20.90
32. Stir-fried Calamari (Squid) 
Calamari cooked in a rich garlic oyster sauce with beans and carrots. $20.90
33. Udang Sambal 
Fresh prawns cooked in a thick sambal sauce consisting of garlic, ginger, onion, chilli, tomato and fresh coriander. $22.90
34. Stir-fried Garlic Prawns 
Fresh prawns cooked with spring onion in a garlic oyster sauce.$22.90
35. Seafood Murtabak 
Fish, squid, shrimps and mussels mixed with onion and egg, stuffed in thinly flicked roti dough, served with fish curry sauce. $19.90
36. Seafood Masak Lemak 
Mussels, tiger prawns, fish and calamari, cooked in a creamy coconut sauce with a touch of ginger, garlic, chilli, lemon grass and fresh coriander. $26.90

37. Nasi-Goreng 
Nasi-goreng (Chicken or Seafood)A staple rice dish, wok fried with chicken or seafood topped with egg and
accompanied with satay sticks. $18.90
38. Curry Laksa 
Hawkers noodle soup prepared in rich coconut curry gravy, garnished with fish balls, tofu, chicken. $18.90
39. Mee-Goreng 
Mamak style wok fried egg noodles in two types of soya sauce with chicken or 
seafood, bean sprouts and egg.
40. Nasi Lemak 
Coconut rice served with prawn sambal, beef rendang, fried egg, peanuts and 
condiments. A classic favourite in Malaysia. $20.90

1. Sago pudding Gula Malaca
Sago topped with palm sugar and coconut cream. $8.00

2. Banana Roti
Roti bread stuffed with banana, topped with chocolate sauce and served with vanilla ice cream. $8.90
3. Trio Ice Cream
Home made mango, pineapple and lime ice cream, served with 
Kit Kat chocolate. $9.50

4. Banana Split
Split banana with vanilla ice cream, wafer and topped with raspberry and chocolate sauce.
5. Hot Fudge Cake
Served with French Vanilla Ice-cream. $8.90

6. Lemon Cake
Served with French Vanilla Ice-cream. $8.90
7. Apple Pie
Served with French Vanilla Ice-cream. $8.90


Enjoy a selection of favourite authentic Malaysian dishes with our banquet options. Please be advised that Istana Malaysia's banquets are suitable for a group of four or more diners only. Choose from the following menus:
$28.90 Per Person
Entrée: Rojak
Mains: Choice of two meat and one vegetable dish (excluding Prawn and Seafood Masak Lemak)
Served with: Mee Goreng, Roti Chanai and Steamed Rice
$32.90 Per Person
Entrée: Rojak, Satay Beef and Chicken
Mains: Choice of three main dishes (excluding Prawn and Seafood Masak Lemak)
Served with: Mee Goreng, Roti and Basmati Rice
$38.90 Per Person
Entrée: Mixed Satay, Mini Murtabak, Rojak and Mee Goreng
Mains: Choice of your own main dishes Choice of your own main dishes (excluding Prawn and Mixed Seafood Masak Lemak)
Served with: Roti Chanai and Basmati Rice (excluding Masak Lemak)
Call our restaurant in Wellington to book your table on 04 801 7989.
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